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6 Months

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Raul Krivan

Backend Development Student

Why study Backend Development at Jagaad Academy?

PHP, a server language embedded in HTML since 1994, remains a top choice for nearly 80% of websites.

Our course trains beginners to think and code like professional PHP developers.

Developed by international experts, it covers diverse project scales.

Plus, we provide HR support, interview prep, and CV/portfolio assistance to secure your dream IT job.

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What will you be able to do after the course?

Transform from a beginner to a proficient web developer in our course. Learn PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a dynamic environment with global experts and peers. No prior experience or degree is required to join!

Write PHP code in the right way

Learn how to write code in the right way by using the most popular server-side web programming language.

Create web services

For understanding several web service solutions, we will learn about communication between applications, and how to create a Web API.

Understand the web ecosystem

To master the creation of web applications, you will understand the ecosystem, the protocol, and the client and server-side applications.

Setup your developer environment

To be prepared to join a company as a developer, you will set up and learn commonly used cross-company tools to manage and deploy web applications.

The technical skills you will develop



Control-flow structures

Functions and operators

Object-oriented PHP programming

Code design

Relational Database




Web services


Errors & Debugging

Framework Introduction

Object Relational Mapper

Design Patterns

Symfony Basics

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Previous student’s projects


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How the course works

Effort Investment

4 times/week over 6 months

theory and practice; group and individual exercises

2h/day starting at 4 PM (CET)*

*We highly recommend allocating a minimum of 15+ hours per week!

Learn from developers and acquire essential skills to kickstart your junior developer career. Our flexible payment options facilitate your enrollment.

Build top-notch server-side applications with PHP, the web's leading programming language. Explore frontend stacks like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Join our evening Virtual Classroom for hands-on learning, coding practice, and personalized coaching sessions. Collaborate with peers for endless discussion opportunities!

Get full course syllabus

Including prices, payment options, course modules, and more!

Our team supports you in
achieving your goals

No degree, tutorials, or software purchases are required. Give your best effort, and we'll provide the guidance you need!

coach hennadii

Hennadii Shvedko

PHP Backend Developer

Hey! I'm Hennadii. I've been working as Full-stack web-developer since 2014, mainly as PHP Developer, using several frameworks, as Yii, Yii2, Laravel, and Symfony for different projects. Also I worked with Angular JavaScript framework during development of PWAs. So I have a mix of knowledge and experience in different fields of software development.

talent acquisition specialist igor kazmin

Igor Kazmin

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hi there! I'm Igor, a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Jagaad. I'm passionate about recruiting the best IT professionals for various job roles in the IT industry. With 3 years of experience, I've hired over 70 highly skilled individuals worldwide. Let me help you find your dream job by guiding you through recruitment and ensuring you're the best fit.

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What our former student's say about our coaches, lessons, and learning methods

Kasun Wanigasekara

Backend Development Student

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the knowledge Jagaad Academy Backend coach has imparted to us during our time together. His dedication to teaching and passion for software development was evident throughout the complete course. He has always been patient with my questions and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I understand the concepts thoroughly."

Luís Fernando

Backend Development Student

"Jagaad Academy Backend coach has been a very good teacher throughout the course. He always asked if we had any questions, especially in the 1-on-1 schedule, and he tried to clear up any doubts, even if that doubt was not directly related to the class. In class, he explained, showed examples, and, when necessary, even left extra material to enhance our skills. I'm sure he managed to train great PHP programmers."

Zoran Davidovic

Backend Development Student

"Our Jagaad Academy Backend coach is very competent and skilled in PHP and other related topics. Also, he knows how to explain complicated topics in a simple way. He is also very kind and is always ready to answer questions even the ones that are not directly related to actual lessons."

Raul Krivan

Backend Development Student

"Jagaad Academy Backend coach was a great teacher and a great mentor! He explained to us everything in detail and always asked if we understood every bit of the code he wrote. Also, the feedback we received on projects and exercises was very helpful in understanding where we went wrong and where we needed to improve. The 1-on-1 sessions were very helpful because he helped us understand things we did not understand in the classroom."

Aladin Hadzic

Backend Development Student

"Jagaad Academy Backend coach is a teacher who knows the flaws of a beginner (in coding) and has in-depth knowledge of programming languages. So he's using both of these traits to make the best of them."

Ljubomir Stevancevic

Backend Development Student

"Jagaad Academy Backend coach is genuinely an exceptional guy with a great passion for programming. His positive attitude and approachable demeanor made me feel comfortable and confident in asking any question I had. I have learned so much from him, and I can see how much he loves and enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others."

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