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Why Frontend Development ?

A Frontend developer creates the interface that users interact with, and everything they see on a website: buttons, links, animations, and more.

There is a growing demand for frontend developers worldwide, and this is an increasing trend!

At our Academy, you will learn how to use some of the most advanced tools in frontend development, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. And these technologies are easy to learn and scale!

The course was developed by a team of international professionals that currently work on different project scales. On top of that, we will assist you in getting a real job in the IT market.


What will you be able to do after the course?

This entire course is designed to take you from a beginner to a proficient web developer. You can launch a new career in web development by simply learning HTML, TypeScript, and CSS in an engaging environment with experts and peers from all over the world. You don't need any experience or degree to join the course!

10 +

Higly specialized skills in this course

100 +

Detailed lessons and exercises

Use the right frameworks

By learning all the most requested technologies available on the market, you’ll be able to choose the right one for any project you face.

Solve problems

Through different workplace scenarios and technical matters, you’ll learn how to analyze problems and solve them efficiently.

Create web applications

Using HTML, CSS, Js, Ts, and React, you’ll be ready to create incredibly flawless components and apps.

Work with a programming mindset

By learning how to effectively use JavaScript and its frameworks, you’ll be able to add complexity to every web page.


How the course works

Time requirements

4 times/week, for 6 months

theory and practice; group and individual exercises


Enroll today and pay when you find a job in IT

Learn now and pay later! We’ll help you start your career, and you will only need to worry about paying for the course after you have landed your dream job in IT.

Start from scratch and learn how to build dynamic web applications using HTML, CSS, and TypeScript: everything you need to know for developing interfaces.

Join our Virtual Classroom in the evenings, to mix theory with practice, solve exercises and… write code. You are not alone in this! You will have 1 on 1 session with coaches, and endless opportunities for discussing with your peers!

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The technical skills you will develop

Introduction to Algorithm
Basics of Unix/bash
Basics JS
Responsive web design
Visual guidelines
Code markup
Files version control (GIT)
Advanced Js
Code optimization
Consuming APIs
Introduction to TypeScript

Our coaches will assist you to reach your goals

That's right. You don't need a university degree, you don't need to spend your time watching tutorials or even pay for software to become a professional software developer. All you have to do is your best, we'll help you with the guidance that you need!

Ilkin Guluzada

Senior Frontend Developer

Hey People! I'm Ilkin. I'm a Senior Software Engineer & Manager with 8+ years of hands-on experience, and I've worked with a variety of programming languages in a variety of industries. MERN and LAMP Stacks are my main areas of expertise. I'm AWS certified Cloud Practitioner and I have BsCS and MBA degrees.

Ana Indoitu

Head of People. HR

Hi there! I'm Ana. I have experience on arranging organizational processes and working with teams on their growth. I will take you on a trip to your successful career profile built and to help you prepare for your star hour of interview!

Lucas de Oliveira

PHP Backend Developer

Hey! I'm Lucas. I've been working with software since 2k13, mainly as PHP Developer, using several frameworks, like Laminas, Laravel, and Symfony, for different projects. I'm a Zend Certified PHP Engineer, co-founder of a local PHP user group, and a big fan of code design and software quality.

Are you an expert with other techs?

Let us know and let's work together

You are getting closer to your new career in IT!

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Sign-up and start the course!

If you pass the previous phase, you will receive a confirmation and welcoming email. After that you will be invited to sign a contract and that's it! Onboarding documents should be on the way.

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